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1. How many hours per week do you spend in real estate related activities?
2. What is the reason you started working in real estate?
3. How many transactions did you close in the last 12 months?
4. How long have you been with your current broker?
6. How do you prospect? (Select all that apply)
7. How many transactions do you see yourself closing in the next 12 months?
8. Do you feel that your business is up to speed with today’s marketing needs of the millennials?
9. Have you established your own branding/logo apart from the broker?

10. Do you have the following Social Media Business accounts?

Google Places
12. Is your mission statement updated and consistent on your social media?
15. How many times per month do you update your social media?
16. Does your email signature reflect your or your broker’s brand and social media links?
15. How many times per month do you update your social media?
16. How many homes are in your farm?
17. How often do you send out mailers to your farm?
18. How often do you door knock in your farm?
19. What is your primary goal for your farm i the next year?
20. Put in the URL of the landing page you use for your mailers.
20. Do you have your own custom website outside of what your broker provides?
21. Are you happy with the current website you have?
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